Why are we called Footsore Miniatures?

It's an odd name for a miniatures company to be sure, so why was it chosen. Well when Bill Thornhill was in the process of forming the company with Donald Hauser a few years back, they had a long conversation on the phone about the setup and obviously the name they would work under. Going through the usual styles of names beloved of miniature companies, which involved something to do with war and battle nothing jumped out at them.

As they were prone to, they digressed into other topics and it led onto their mutual experiences in the military. Both having served in the Army (Don in the navy too), the discussion drifted onto the subject of humping large weights on their backs over long distances and how glad they were not to have to suffer sore feet anymore. Simultaneously they both shouted "Footsore!!" down the phone at each other. After much laughter the decision was made that it had to be the name of the company, it was fate obviously!

Footsore (Miniatures) is named after the plight of the millions of men (and women), who have humped their paraphernalia of war along the long dusty roads of history.

Now with a manufacturing business in the US with it's own webstore and the same in the UK run by Mark Farr and Andy Hobday Footsore Miniatures is going from strength to strength.

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FREE Reinforcements - July 2017

For the entire month of July 2017 we are giving away a pack of miniatures with all orders over £30/$35. How does this work, I hear you cry?

Choose what you want on either the US or UK web store and when it is time for you to check out, enter the code FREEPACK17 and your cart will have the price of the pack of infantry deducted - £6 in the UK or $10 in the US.

So what is the catch? There isn’t one! The limited time deal is to add extra troops to your collection. The discount code will only work when one or more PACKS of miniatures is in your cart. It's easy: 1 PACK of miniatures in your cart = 1 FREE PACK of miniatures.

Exclusions: Warbands, buildings, terrain, accessories, etc.

The code can be used on any order in the month of July and can be used as many times as you like. Limit of 1 FREE pack per order.

Please send Questions to:

The Footsore Team

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FREE Early Saxon Noble in all March 2017 orders

According to tradition, the Saxons first entered Britain en masse as part of an agreement to protect the Britons from the incursions of the Picts (among others) so in response to us unleashing Picts over the last couple of months and in an act of responsibility (as we are responsible chaps here at Footsore Miniatures) inside every order placed during March 2017 we will be including an Early Saxon Noble* to protect you from our recent Pict incursion.

To receive your free Early Saxon Noble just place an order in either our US webstore ( or our UK webstore ( and we will include a randomly selected noble from 03ESX100 Early Saxon Nobles.  If you have already placed an order with us over the last few days - during March 2017, we will be sending you a Early Saxon Noble shortly. 

*Please note you will be RANDOMLY sent one of the Early Saxon Nobles as shown in the image along with a complimentary base and spear so you can get him fighting Picts as quickly as possible.

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Footsore Miniatures are now being manufactured in the USA!

After a lot of hard work Footsore Miniatures are now being manufactured in the USA! We are now shipping your favorite figures from Wooster Ohio throughout The US and Canada. It's been a long process but worth it.

After visiting his first Historicon 4 years ago, Bill Thornhill saw that a huge amount of figures were often imported into the US and felt that customers were limited at times in what choice was available to them. This was the driving idea behind the creation of Footsore's US production facility. Currently we are able to provide all our Dark Age ranges aside from the Arabs. They will become available in the next few months along with our Inter-war/VBCW and WW1 ranges. These ranges are still available from the UK while we make the new molds here in the US.

The US has its own dedicated web store at to service our North American customers which means quicker delivery and the knowledge you are buying a product manufactured here in the US!  So if you are a North American customer make sure you are using the correct web store.

As well as running the mail order side of things, Bill will be running the Footsore booth at Cold Wars, Adepticon, Historicon and Fall In throughout 2017. We are also the official stockist for Warlord Games at the above shows so make sure you stop by.

Finally we'd like to encourage you to sign up for our newsletter on the FS website (sign up box is bottom left in the footer) so you can keep up with new releases, news and hobby articles as they happen.

We look forward to servicing our existing and new customers over the coming years with the same great figures you've come to expect and to start you off we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders to North American customers for the rest of February 2017.  That is correct a FREE viking and FREE SHIPPING for the rest of this month!



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FREE Viking Warrior with every order - February 2017

For the whole of February 2017, which is the 1st to the 28th, EVERY order placed with Footsore Miniatures will receive The Old Warrior for FREE, that is right a FREE Viking for everyone.

All you have to do get your hands on him is place an order in either our US store ( or our UK store ( as both stores are participating in this giveaway.

Please note The Old Warrior will be supplied without a base but more importantly, be aware you will have to buy your own beer when you reach Valhalla.

Any questions at all regarding this please contact us at

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Welcome to Footsore Miniatures USA

Welcome to Footsore Miniatures USA

We are very pleased to announce that Footsore Miniatures are now manufactured and sold in the USA. For some time now we have been busily working away to build a production facility here in Ohio so we can provide our customers in the US and Canada with a more speedy and efficient service when ordering our miniatures. 

As at the time of launch our most popular ranges are all available for purchase here in the US with the exception of our Arabs, Inter-War period and WW1 BEF. These ranges are in the process of being re-molded for our US workshop and will be released during 2017. You may also notice we no longer carry our Great Northern War, Franco-Prussian and WW1 Russian ranges. These now belong to Wee Wolf Miniatures owned by our good friend Don Hauser and will be re-released in 2017 we believe. 

The coming year will see a number of new ranges being released. As well as expanding our Dark Age ranges we will also be working on a Medieval range as well as an exciting WW2 range alongside another manufacturer here in the US. As usual we will also be attending Adepticon, Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall In throughout the year where as well as our own ranges we will be the main stockist for Warlord Games. 

Its an exciting year ahead for us all and we look forward to providing all our existing and new customers with the very best in service and quality.





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