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We are very pleased to announce that Footsore Miniatures are now manufactured and sold in the USA. For some time now we have been busily working away to build a production facility here in Ohio so we can provide our customers in the US and Canada with a more speedy and efficient service when ordering our miniatures. 

As at the time of launch our most popular ranges are all available for purchase here in the US with the exception of our Arabs, Inter-War period and WW1 BEF. These ranges are in the process of being re-molded for our US workshop and will be released during 2017. You may also notice we no longer carry our Great Northern War, Franco-Prussian and WW1 Russian ranges. These now belong to Wee Wolf Miniatures owned by our good friend Don Hauser and will be re-released in 2017 we believe. 

The coming year will see a number of new ranges being released. As well as expanding our Dark Age ranges we will also be working on a Medieval range as well as an exciting WW2 range alongside another manufacturer here in the US. As usual we will also be attending Adepticon, Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall In throughout the year where as well as our own ranges we will be the main stockist for Warlord Games. 

Its an exciting year ahead for us all and we look forward to providing all our existing and new customers with the very best in service and quality.





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