FREE Early Saxon Noble in all March 2017 orders

According to tradition, the Saxons first entered Britain en masse as part of an agreement to protect the Britons from the incursions of the Picts (among others) so in response to us unleashing Picts over the last couple of months and in an act of responsibility (as we are responsible chaps here at Footsore Miniatures) inside every order placed during March 2017 we will be including an Early Saxon Noble* to protect you from our recent Pict incursion.

To receive your free Early Saxon Noble just place an order in either our US webstore ( or our UK webstore ( and we will include a randomly selected noble from 03ESX100 Early Saxon Nobles.  If you have already placed an order with us over the last few days - during March 2017, we will be sending you a Early Saxon Noble shortly. 

*Please note you will be RANDOMLY sent one of the Early Saxon Nobles as shown in the image along with a complimentary base and spear so you can get him fighting Picts as quickly as possible.

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