Why are we called Footsore Miniatures?

It's an odd name for a miniatures company to be sure, so why was it chosen. Well when Bill Thornhill was in the process of forming the company with Donald Hauser a few years back, they had a long conversation on the phone about the setup and obviously the name they would work under. Going through the usual styles of names beloved of miniature companies, which involved something to do with war and battle nothing jumped out at them.

As they were prone to, they digressed into other topics and it led onto their mutual experiences in the military. Both having served in the Army (Don in the navy too), the discussion drifted onto the subject of humping large weights on their backs over long distances and how glad they were not to have to suffer sore feet anymore. Simultaneously they both shouted "Footsore!!" down the phone at each other. After much laughter the decision was made that it had to be the name of the company, it was fate obviously!

Footsore (Miniatures) is named after the plight of the millions of men (and women), who have humped their paraphernalia of war along the long dusty roads of history.

Now with a manufacturing business in the US with it's own webstore https://footsoreminiatures.com and the same in the UK run by Mark Farr and Andy Hobday Footsore Miniatures is going from strength to strength.

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