Ancient Greeks (by Steve Saleh)

This range of Lucid Eye Ancient Greek miniatures is sculpted by Steve Saleh and perfect for Mortal Gods as all miniatures are supplied with the correct bases for the game. 

19 results
Greek Armoured Hero
Greek Armoured Leader
Greek Hero in Cloak Sword Raised
Greek Unarmoured Hero Sword Raised
Greek Unarmoured Hero with Sword
Armoured Hoplites with Crested Helms
Armoured Hoplites with Plain Helms 1
Skirmishers with Javelins, Bare Chested
Skirmishes with Javelins, wearing Tunics
Slingers Wearing Tunics
Slingers, Bare Chested
Unarmoured Hoplites with Crested Helms 1

19 results

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