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Mobs of Rome

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For Rome is the mob, and the mob is Rome.

Fighting for your life on the streets of Rome is hard; avoiding the wrath of the mob is even harder. Composed of the citizens of Rome, these men, women and children are the blood of the city, and they move about its arterial streets as they please. To avoid them makes completing you gangs’ missions harder, to fight in plain sight invites their wrath.

Effective use of the mob can make the difference between victory and defeat. Blend with the mob to avoid detection; emerge from the mob to ambush your enemy; panic the mob and watch them trample your opponents.

This deal includes the three mob stands shown each consisting of five models and is an ideal complement to a Gangs of Rome scenario set.

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied with the required MDF base for Gangs of Rome. May require assembly.

Pack contains fifteen mob figures, fifteen 25mm round base and three 80mm mob movement base.

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