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•PRE-ORDER• Please note this is a pre-order product and is due to be released 27th July 2018. Any other products ordered at the same time as this item will be held until this date.

This deal contains all the figures from the Warring Clans range.

  • SAM002 Samurai with Kanabō (large club)
  • SAM003 Samurai with Naginata (halberd)
  • SAM004 Samurai with Yumi (bow)
  • SAM005 Walking Samurai with Katana
  • SAM006 Samurai drawing Katana
  • SAM007 Samura in full armour with Yari (spear)
  • SAM008 Samurai with Katana raised
  • SAM009 Female Warrior - Onna-bugeisha
  • SAM010 Travelling Samurai
  • SAM011 Samurai with Horned helmet
  • SAM012 Ashigaru-Kashira (sergeant)
  • SAM013 Samurai with Naginata and Katana
  • SAM014 Ronin
  • SAM001 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) Command
  • SAM100 Ashiguru with Yari (spear) 1
  • SAM101 Ashiguru with Yari (spear) 2
  • SAM102 Ashiguru with Yari (spear) 3
  • SAM103 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) 1
  • SAM104 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) 2
  • SAM105 Ashiguru with Yumi (bow) 3
  • SAM106 Ashiguru with Teppo (musket) 1
  • SAM107 Ashiguru with Teppo (musket) 2
  • SAM108 Ashiguru casualties

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Spears if applicable and 25mm MDF round bases supplied.

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